Advantages of online studying PHD/DBA with GHU

Blog by the Dean of Recruitment – Drs. Floris van Haren

Significant changes are taking place in the higher education sector around the world, and the advantages of earning a doctoral degree are many. Successful completion of a fully online PhD study program can enhance an individual’s social and professional reputation. New career opportunities will materialize, which will always be complemented by a higher income. 

Advantages of online studying PHD/DBA with GHU:
  • flexibility  
  • self-paced learning
  • knowledge of science and research
  • improved time management
  • enhanced self-organization
  • critical-thinking skills 
  • self-motivation
  • virtual communication  
  • virtual collaboration
  • a broader, global perspective
  • self-reflection 
  • new technical skills

Tips for your online Doctoral Study:

  • read the Handbook carefully
  • define your goals
  • manage your time 
  • schedule major assignments 
  • plan your monthly workload
  • you have the flexibility, but never put the study off indefinitely
  • always be in contact with your advisor
  • create your own agreeable environment for studying (good Internet, pleasant atmosphere in your study area, and always have all the literature at hand)
  • eradicate distractions

Dean of Recruitment

As Dean, I want to warmly welcome you to the GHU doctoral study program.

Kind regards,